Vision like Jupiter. Fire like Mars.


Artist. Educator. Rebel.

Age: 26

Location: Los Angeles, California

IG: @mnqmtchll

Death is always around the corner. My friends jokingly call me morbid, but really, I’m just hyper-aware of my mortality. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 3 months old and died 4 years later. I grew up across the street from the cemetery my best friend would be buried in at 23. There was a chalk outline of my first crush’s body on the end of my block. His blood stained the pavement for months.

Mama & Me.

I don’t live in denial of my death. I anticipate it. I rise each morning with the awareness that I can die today, and that fills me with a sense of urgency. Have I written a story that will outlast me? Have I offered my all? Did I, as my mother would always tell me, treat people the way I want to be treated?

Young. Wild. Free.

We are all walking towards our death. The gift we offer the world is in how we walk. I walk with poetry. In a life riddled with destruction, creation was my natural response. I’ve learned that the desire to create, the desire to dream, is inherent protest. I never set out to be political in my art. But I am a Black woman in America, a country that incarcerated my father. A country that killed my best friend. A country that lynches the lives and stories of children who look just like me. Thus, the very act of creating is resisting.

I know I will die one day. I’ve accepted this.

I write so my voice will live. I write so our stories will live.

In tune with the infinite.

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EP. 021 - HELENA
EP. 021 - HELENA

My father lost everything in war. He was hard working but at times the jobs didn't come in, nonetheless worked tirelessly to raise us, having arrived in England with nothing but big dreams. My father raised us to value family and our culture, for him, family always comes first, no matter what.
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EP. 020 - MIKE

I would go to the beach every night and stare at the stars. I imagined myself being where I wanted to be. All that imaginaning eventually paid off. I changed my stars.
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EP. 019 - TAMZ

I reject comfort. I believe in motion. I believe in moving because whatever is next is greater than where I’ve been. Therefore, I can never settle.