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EP .039 - OLIVIA

EP .039 - OLIVIA

To Surpass. To Shine. To Express.



Age: 33

Location: Brussels

IG: @oliviaborlee

Olivia is an Olympic gold medalist and retired Belgian sprinter. She is also the co-creator of42|54, a sustainable sportswear brand created by athletes for athletes.

I come from a big sports family. Both of my parents were athletes. They always told me to work hard, believe in my dreams, and do everything I can to reach them. My dad was my coach during my entire career and his constant encouragement and support really helped elevate me to new heights.
I feel especially lucky to have been an athlete in Belgium because here, men and women compete on the same stage in track and field. I never felt less important because I was a woman. I never felt less celebrated, either.
We started 42|54 with athletes in mind. We wanted to honor and remember athletes who had big personalities, like Flo Jo. They were that way because the clothes they wore were fun. It gave them confidence. Athletes like to be different when they get to the starting line so we felt like there was room for a brand like this.
I feel most powerful when I can express myself. I like for my personality to shine through in anything I do. Through our work and our brand, we want young people to know anything is possible. Belgium isn’t well-known, but we were four girls who believed in their dreams and became Olympic gold medalists. Don’t put a limit on yourself.

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Hoodies & Pullovers
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Size Waist Inseam
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XL 31.5" 27.75"
2XL 34.5" 28"
3XL 37.5" 28.25"

Size Waist Inseam
S 30" 16.25"
M 32" 16.75"
L 34" 17"
XL 36" 17.5"
2XL 38" 18"