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EP. 035 - NICOLE

EP. 035 - NICOLE

Family. Connection. Necessity.



Age: 31

Location: Hong Kong

IG: @thatfoodcray

Nicole Fung is the founder of That Food Cray !!!, Hong Kong's most well-known food and travel publication. Beyond traveling the world and eating at the best restaurants, she also serves as the Creative Director behind That Studio Cray, an agency servicing some of the best restaurants across Hong Kong.

I took a quick look at my iPhone. The lock screen said 5:55 pm. Another day lost in the world of stuffy corporate banking I thought to myself. All I could think about was that next trip and that next meal. Despite landing in a new country, one of the easiest ways to connect with the local culture is food and a meal with the people that made it.


I remember my mom and dad’s family Chinese restaurant being a sensitive space growing up. It was the only time I got to spend with my parents because they worked all the time. It also meant I was put to work at a really young age.

I used to loathe that Chinese restaurant, because it was the only time I had to spend with my parents. My grandmother would babysit my brother Cory and I when we weren’t at the restaurant. Some of my most memorable moments with food came courtesy of her. For a lot of immigrants, they leave their homes for new ones but there are few things they bring with them. Food is one of them. While we couldn’t connect necessarily through language, there was a language-less bond over the food she served.  


Growing up around food made me recognize how much work went into serving and making consistently delicious food. Somebody’s blood and sweat literally goes into the whole process, whether it’s in the fields or prepping difficult-to-use ingredients for that final dish.

"For a lot of immigrants, they leave their homes for new ones but there are few things they bring with them. Food is one of them."


In a time when human connection is missing, a meal cooked with love is that missing link.Every day at the bank was a soul-sapping experience. It wasn’t always clear why I was there, sitting in middle office looking at spreadsheets. But I never had this issue identifying with food. It was sustenance, story, livelihood, and connection.



Food is my choice of education when it comes to learning about a culture. Unlike political regimes that might raze a culture, food is much more resistant to cultural change.

We may speak different languages and have different perspectives, but we all need to eat.


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