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EP. 032 - ANDREW

EP. 032 - ANDREW




Age: 37

Location: Los Angeles

IG: @andrewcolemusic / @iamnojokeproject

Andrew Cole is a Canadian-born musician and philanthropist from the UK. He is recognized for his anti-abuse awareness multimedia project entitled "#NoJoke" and #NoJokeFilm, the 'We Are the World' for the issue of bullying.


I was always a foreigner. I was always an outcast. I was born in Toronto and grew up in Liverpool so I was the one with the weird accent and weird clothes. My mom was a nurse and my dad was a truck driver. He was also an incredibly abusive and scary man.

I was bullied by kids in school and grew up in a violent neighborhood. All I knew was violence. When a kid told me “I am going to kill you after school”- I believed them. Our habits, behaviors, and fears are molded in our youth. I developed PTSD and now even as an adult in Beverly Hills, I'm still looking over my shoulder. I have a fearful guard that surrounds me almost like a force field. I try to break it down to become the warm, fuzzy child I was before the abuse, but it’s deeply ingrained.



Bullying exists across all occupations and age groups. When I started witnessing the rise of social media, I noticed people posting pictures of perfection. The stakes were raised when cyber bullying arrived on the scene. Cyber bullying is mass humiliation. I was never humiliated on a mass level, but I still suffer from the effects of the micro humiliation I did endure.

Kids are committing suicide at alarming rates. Too many of our young people are suffering in silence. I decided to put my foot down and bring together an army of our heroes, our legends. When I was younger, I would listen to rock stars and athletes more than my parents because they were my role models. I knew that if I could get them together, we could create synergy around a conversation. The topic? Be yourself. Be brave. Embrace your uniqueness without fear. We don’t need to lose any more superheroes due to silence. Let’s start talking.


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