EP. 028 - TARA

EP. 028 - TARA




Age: 29

Location: Los Angeles

IG: @T_Akino

I spent my childhood devouring movies–seeking some semblance of myself reflected back to me anywhere I could find it. I figured if I could see someone who mirrored the person I knew myself to be inside, I’d finally feel like I had a permission slip to exist.
Unable to find that representation, I kept my truth hidden and used my dreams as an escape from the real world. I continued to play the part I thought I was supposed to play and lived for other people’s approval.
After high school, I moved across the country to New York, graduated from college, gotTHE job, gotTHE girlfriend... my life was great on paper. But something was missing.
I had run from Los Angeles but I couldn’t run from my truth.
Ignoring that voice eventually resulted in me losing everything I thought I wanted. And I was left with only myself. Slowly, I opened communication with my heart and for the first time in forever, I listened to her. She talked of dreams of creating community– a world where her younger self would have felt safe and thrived. Of working withqueer young adults and first gen kids -- the identities I’d rejected in an effort to fit in. Of shining a light on those emo kids who feel so dark, angry, and alone.
Driven by this inner voice, I came home to myself.
Now,I've rededicated my life to mentorship and telling queer, POC coming-of-age stories.
My heart is a little less broken every day.
That quiet, queer emo kid is why I do what I do.
Though it’s terrifying living in my truth, any other way of living feels like death.
And I am alive.

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