EP. 025 - RICKEY

EP. 025 - RICKEY




Age: 39

Location: Los Angeles

IG: @mrkimsays

Rickey is the Creative Director of OF ARC, a label reacting and commenting on contemporary culture.

I believe we have already died.
This is the afterlife. It’s heaven and hell.
We can either play the angel or the devil, it’s up to us to decide.
None of us asked to be born: in this era, on this continent, under these circumstances. I create to express as many trojan horses as I can. We are a constellation of star byproduct and I believe it’s our responsibility to leave people with a sense of hope. Leave them feeling uplifted. Life is hard enough as is. Reality bites. I create to encourage delusion. If the norm is feeling limited, let’s be delusional enough to believe in a life beyond division. Let’s express ourselves in order to break people out of the matrix.
I was born in Los Angeles to a Korean family. My father was a child of war. My grandfather were victims of the Japanese occupation. I currently globe trot, splitting my time in America and the other half in Asia. Growing up in America has a been a struggle of understanding my identity. I strive to create a strong imprint of what I deem to be a modern American identity, this cornucopia merging of multi-culture; all the while grasping my heritage from the old world. It’s a fine balance, a delicate dance.
For me, life is a metaphor, there are signs everywhere. I don’t take my vantage point for granted. I want to awaken everyone else to the punchline.
We are here. Let’s express ourselves and save each other.

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