EP. 014 - SUJIT

EP. 014 - SUJIT

Rule Breaker. Mover and Shaker. Lighthouse.




Age: 43

Location: New York, New York

IG: @skamartist

Sujit is the founder and CEO of Skam Artist - a world renowned agency representing DJs and talent in every genre imaginable.


I didn’t really find music. Music found me.


For me, it was always and still is...about the hustle.I sold baseball cards when I was eight. I lived for a good lemonade stand.When I turned fifteen, I started throwing house parties with live music, and I started making serious money. I’d create an incredible experience and then spend all the money I made on outdoing myself the following month.


I went to school in Santa Barbara and would run down to L.A. on weekends for gigs, or bus talent up to Santa Barbara.I wanted to build, to create, to share. It was scary and exciting and amazing. Would we have too many people...would they call the cops...who was making the artwork...every question pulsed through my veins and woke me up in the morning.


By the time I graduated, it was a career. It was way more promising and truthful than anything I had really learned I could do with my life in school.


It was all a dream...


My parents worked to live, to survive. My dad quit school young to support his brothers, and because of him, I was fortunate to be able to take my sweet time. I build my own weird dream. I live not for today, but for tomorrow.


I care about creating long-term happiness and safety for myself and others.I care about living a full life and helping others do the same.


We are all immigrants, and our families came here not just to survive, but to have large, incredible lives. So LET'S GO.


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