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Hecho Con Ganas.

Indigenous. Artist. Culture Worker.


Age: 32

Location: Los Angeles, California

IG: @ernestoyerena


My work is a rebuttal to what I feel was missing in my childhood. I come from a loving family. My mother and father worked hard to create a wholesome environment for us. I always felt loved and protected inside our home. I didn’t feel that same kind of love from society. I didn’t see myself in history books. I didn’t see myself on television. I identified most with Black television shows and hip hop because they were the closest thing I had to representation.


I create work to fill in that void. I don’t want kids who are growing up now to have those missing pieces. A lot of my work is about reclaiming my indigenous ancestry. I’m on the land of my ancestors, but that’s never acknowledged by the American government. There’s a reason for that. Colonizers came, took our home, and now they’re the heirs to it. The owners. Or at least, that’s what they want us to believe. They want to erase our history.


Make Humanity Great Again.


Capitalism goes against the indigenous way of living in harmony with Mother Earth. It’s all about the raping and pillaging of resources in exchange for industrial progress. Most people go with the flow. They say,well, this is how it is. My job as an artist is to saythis is how it is now, but it’s not how it has to be. As an artist, I have the responsibility to reimagine society. Culture changes before policy. I’m not a politician. I’m a culture worker. I work with the intention of shifting the paradigm. I work with the spirit of my ancestors to not just fill in the missing puzzle pieces, but to design a whole new puzzle.

Also in Stories

EP .039 - OLIVIA
EP .039 - OLIVIA

I feel most powerful when I can express myself. I like for my personality to shine through in anything I do. Through our work and our brand, we want young people to know anything is possible.
EP. 038 - ELODIE
EP. 038 - ELODIE

I believe that if you work for something and stay committed, you will reach your desired result. My life is a testament that if you have the right people loving you, amazing things can happen.
EP. 037 - JAE
EP. 037 - JAE

My work and my passion is to bring ideas, art and experiences to places and spaces in new and novel ways and to foster conversations at the messy, wild and fertile intersection of our emotions and imaginations.
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