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EP. 008 - EMILY

EP. 008 - EMILY

Can you see me? ...

Photographer. Writer. Seeker of Truth.


Age: 29

Location: Los Angeles, California

IG: @emily_berkey


From her heart she spoke directly, even though she couldn’t pronounce her r’s correctly. - EB college poem


I wasn’t able to pronounce my “r’s” when I was little. My weak tongue would morph the letter and “great” would become “gweat”. I know what it feels like to have your tongue deceive you. My voice became a whisper when I was four. Because of this, I’ve spent my life working to amplify the voices of others. Since I wasn’t heard, I work to ensure others are. I do this through portraiture.


I’m intrigued by people and their stories, their realities. I want to see you as you are, not as you want to be seen. My shutter is always seeking the warm truth of my subject. My lens is hungry for the sound of their true tongue. When I find that truth, it helps everyone feel a little bit less lonely.


In grief and truth


My line of work requires a certain level of transparency. The portraits I capture are raw and intimate. I realized always turning the lens outward was a form of protection. If it’s always about other people, then it doesn’t have to be about me. As my subjects unveil their truth, it becomes easier to unveil mine. Because I never felt like my voice was heard, I gave others what I so desperately wished I had: a safe space. In the process, they have given me permission to offer this to myself. In helping others find their voice, it’s become easier to find my own, and give it sound.


What does my voice sound like? Strong. Present. Confident. A bit nasally. And I can finally say my “r’s” correctly.

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