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Now, Invent Slowly Left to Right

Now, Invent Slowly Left to Right


It is reported that at least 1 in 10 people are dyslexic. Some research in the US has found it to be as many as 1 in 5. And while dyslexic brains process information differently, they show incredible strengths in creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. Yet, it is reported by YouGov that only 3% of the general public view dyslexia as a strength.

Made by Dyslexia, a global charity led by successful dyslexics, has been setting out to change since their launch in May 2017. On the homepage of the charity’s website, they have colorful posters of notable dyslexics, including Albert Einstein, Florence Welch, The Wright Brothers, Agathe Christie, and many others, each respectively reading “... made modern physics/ platinum records/ the airplane/ a genre. But dyslexia made [them].”



What would our society be without modern physics? What would we be carpet cutting to if it wasn’t nearly every single bop by Florence and the Machine? How would we zip around the world and share our ideas without the good ol’ airplane? What would we have done with all of our time if we weren’t trying to figure out #whodunit inMurder on the Orient Express?!

We are in awe of all thinkers and doers. The thinking-cap gods of modern day creativity. We are especially in awe of those who were forced to learn in a system that didn’t set them up for success, but made the world work for them anyway. We believe in the gorgeousness of diverse minds, wired in different in so many different ways.

It’s why we partnered with TELL’s close friendJace Norman who plays Henry Hart a.k.a. superhero Kid Danger on Nikelodeon’s seriesHenry Danger.Jace proudly wore our colorful now sold out “Wired Weird” tee in which a portion of our proceeds went to Made by Dyslexia.

Feel wired? Make a donation to the charityhere.

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