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I Wish Somebody Spoke His Language

I Wish Somebody Spoke His Language


Who could forget Spots, the charming, pink-nosed, black-spotted dog in the recently Academy Award-nominated Wes Anderson filmIsle of Dogs? We first fell in love with him after seeing his perseverance in surviving his death sentence on Trash Island, but it was his resilience (and support of his fellow exiles) that helped him ensure that dogs remained man’s best friend—even in a corrupt dystopian future of canine flu. But dear Spots is but a mere fictional character—one we adore because he reminds us of the forgotten, abandoned, and neglected companion animals (to no fault of their own) that many of us have taken into our lives.

Welcome Best Friends Animal Society, the largest companion animal non-profit which plans to take America “no-kill” by 2025. Perhaps you’ve heard of Best Friends through their partnership withIsle of Dogsor seen other noteworthy celebrity collaborations with Ross Butler here, Amanda Seyfried, Allison Janney, Cecily Strong, Christian Slater, and Charlize Theron. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and visited one of the Society’s life-saving locations in Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, or Atlanta.


The non-profit’s handful of city locations and network of private and public shelters in all 50 states are set to help them achieve their ethical 2025 goal so that 2200 animals aren’t needlessly euthanized a day—as the sad, current stats state.

We’re not in the business of telling you what to do here at TELL but if we were, we'd highly recommend considering Best Friends for your next pet, volunteering at their many locations, or going on an epic adventure (much like Spots) and visiting their heavenly sanctuary located just outside of Kanab, Utah, among the red-rocked landscape, surrounded by Zion Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. At the Sanctuary, you can help find a home for a new best friend or volunteer alongside their friendly staff and 1,600 dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, pigs, and horses for a true animal lover’s vacation—perhaps your own loyal Spots is waiting for you.

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